SOLD!!!  ARTWORK - Breathe

SOLD!!! ARTWORK - Breathe

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FOUR 3" x 3" Watercolor on Paper.  Framed as ONE PIECE


I have asthma.  Which means that there are days - weeks even - when I need to REMEMBER to breathe.  When I need to think about actually taking air into my lungs and then exhaling.  It's exhausting, sometimes, to just BREATHE. 

And, yet, during times of stress, the one thing that we tell ourselves is to BREATHE.  We say, "don't forget to breathe..."  or "take a deep breath and try to relax..."  And, yet, with asthma, sometimes, that it literally impossible for me to do.

So, when I can breathe, I'm am grateful.  I am grateful for my health AND grateful for the natural tool that helps me stay grounded and focused on calm and relaxed.


This piece is sold ONLY as a framed option.