Super-Mom.  Artist.  Chaos-Tamer. Joy-Creator.  Business-Owner.

It all started with a colorful coffee cup.  That one, small act of defiance gave Deena the confidence she needed to make the next bold move, and then the next.  And, soon, she found herself with enough strength to rediscover the color in her life.  

Armed with an MBA in Marketing from USC, as well as a BSBA and minor in visual art from Washington University in St. Louis, Deena spent years using her  talents as a marketing executive - one with an eye towards re-branding.  

Deena has been accepted into a number of respected art shows in the Los Angeles area - including the Beverly Hills Art Show, Spring 2019 - and is working to teach a watercolor class in Hollywood over the summer.  

Deena works primarily in watercolor and likes to play with the idea that simple marks can make a bold impact.  

Simple. Bold. Bright. Modern. Colorful.