Super-Mom.  Artist.  Chaos-Tamer. Joy-Creator.  Business-Owner.

It all started with a colorful coffee cup.  That one, small act of defiance gave Deena the confidence she needed to make the next bold move, and then the next.  And, soon, she found herself with enough strength to rediscover the color in her life.  

Armed with an MBA in Marketing from the Marshall School of Business at USC, a BSBA from the Olin School of Business at Washington University and minor in visual art from Washington University in St. Louis, Deena spent years using her  artistic talents as a marketing branding executive.  She worked with creatives and business executives, ensuring that color and form communicated the desired branding message.    

Deena uses her skills and talents to play with color, opacity and minimalist form.  Deena believes that art should spark an emotional response, and works to convey peace, calm and joy through color exploration.  

Deena uses watercolor to explore the color and transparency of paint.  Using layers of color to build the shapes on a page is meditative and joyful for her.  Each piece is painted with the intention of bringing joy and color into everyday spaces -- this helps drive the size, orientation and subject matter of each of her  pieces.  

Deena works primarily in watercolor and likes to play with the idea that simple marks can make a bold impact.  

Simple. Bold. Bright. Modern. Colorful.  




September 2019: The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles

May 2019: Beverly Hills Art Show -  ** 2nd Place in Watercolor