Color Has Meaning.

Color can have a profound effect on your life, mood and personality.  There are, literally, thousands of info-graphics and pictures about the meanings of colors and even more articles and essays about how color effects moods, eating habits and purchasing habits.  

As a marketing expert, I used to use the scientific knowledge of color to influence purchases and brand messaging.  

As an artist, I love using color to change the mood of a room.

It's strange... when I'm painting with a certain color, I can feel my mood changing.  Blue calms me down.  Red energizes me (and I find I can be less patient with my children that afternoon.)  Pink makes me so grateful for everything in my life.  

What's your favorite color?  And how does it make you feel?

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  • (and I find I can be less patient with my children that afternoon). The period goes on the inside of the parentheses. But you are right on TARGET with your work!

    Shelly Bricksmoore

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