The Life Changing Effects of Color

It started with a coffee cup.


I was in Maui, on vacation, when I saw this irreverent and colorful coffee mug in a store.  I HAD to have it.  It called to me.   And, at $20, it was a small enough purchase that I could consider it a "souvenir".  Which is weird to think because I am lucky and I go to Maui every year ... I've never needed a memento to remember my time in Maui before.  

But this year, a year when my marriage was toxic, and I was feeling myself getting lost, I NEEDED THIS COFFEE MUG!!!  

My husband (at the time) hated the mug.  It was too bright, too artistic, too bold.  And, for some reason, that made me love it more.  And when I suggested buying a few coordinating - but mismatched - mugs, he looked visibly angry.  

And, so I bought 3.  

And within a year we were divorced. 

Buying the coffee mugs was the first step that I took to embrace color and creativity - and, in turn, realize that I was wholly unhappy in an abusive relationship.  Every morning when I made my tea, I would look at my mug and smile.  I would then look at my husband as he flinched at my colorful mug.

It wasn't long before I realized that I needed color and joy in my life.

Changing my life took a lot of little steps - like buying a colorful coffee mug - before any real changes happened.  But without that first colorful coffee mug, I'm not sure where I would be today.  


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