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Hand Painted vs. Computer Generated

My love of color started to creep back into my life slowly - first with the rogue coffee mug and then with colorful graphic day planners.  

But as colorful computer graphics started to infiltrate my social media, and then Target, I started to realize that although the perfection of these computer generated designs were gorgeous and fun, there was a uniformity to them that was starting to grate on me.

After a while, the patterns - even among different artists & brands - started to look the same.

That's when I decided that hand painted graphic designs were a great solution.  I could keep the same bright color and aesthetically pleasing geometric design, but I could also enjoy the subtle nuances of hand done work... the variation of color; the imperfect lines; the messiness of it all.  

Hand painted designs feel more real to me...Life isn't perfect lines and consistently saturated color.  There are imperfections, highs and lows, messy parts, inconsistencies and variations.  

And, so, I figured out a way to take my art and print it on household designs - to remind us that life isn't perfectly neat and organized, but it is still wonderfully beautiful.

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